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Case Studies//PMMG makes Wheaton College shine bright

Indoor and Outdoor Event Lighting

When Wheaton College completed their new Armerding Center for Music and the Arts in 2020, they were unable to host a proper gathering to celebrate with the community due to Covid-19. After delaying the event for nearly two years, Wheaton College finally had the gala opening they've put off for so long. The administration called on PMMG to add a bit of extra sparkle to the evening's festivities.

We used our “special touch” to enhance the look of the space. We deployed over 50 lighting fixtures placed strategically around the room to wash the foyer with their school colors. PMMG also utilized theatrical break-up patterns, which are artistic shapes and designs projected onto surfaces that add texture and dimension beyond color.

Breakup patterns are a great way to make blank walls or bland floors look spectacular! They also took advantage of our custom gobo services and lit a special message on the wall, the motto of their department: “Arts, Faith, and Imagination.” After a special performance in the theater, the guests enjoyed the evening with beverages and entertainment, with PMMG setting the mood.

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